PyFWI - An interactive Software for the Simulation of Seismic Waves


PyFWI - An interactive Software for the Simulation of Seismic Waves


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This interactive software is realized by Daniele Corallo, Johannes Ernesti, Kevin Ganster, Christian Rheinbay, Christian Wieners on the basis of the open source toolbox PySIT ( developed by Russell J. Hewett and Laurent Demanet.


PyFWIJohannes Ernesti, Christian Wieners

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We gratefully acknowledge the support of the German Research Foundation (DFG) by CRC 1173 in the subprojects on numerical wave propagation and seismic imaging. The illustrations are provided by our project partner Thomas Bohlen from geophysics.

The interactive software PyFWI demonstrates the propagation of seismic waves and the principles of seismic imaging.

The software is designed to illustrate maritime seismic imaging and includes

  • a graphic tool to play around with wave reflections
  • a simulation environment demonstrating wave propagation
  • an interactive selection of sources and receivers for seismic imaging
  • several explanations of the basic ideas
  • some information on mathematics and numerics
  • many additional features to discover

For more details and a demonstration video see our website at http://www. waves.