Roadmap for

This is a list of planned improvements and new ideas for the IMAGINARY platform. We are happy to receive more suggestions! Currently we are working on the following points (List was updated on Jun 21, 2013).

Web page and Funcionality
  • Add translation of the complete platform in other languages, first priority: Spanish, German, Portuguese, French. Other languages welcome (we are preparing the translation mechanism). The next two languages to “be launched” are German and Spanish.
  • Improve general performance of the site (especially for logged in users, the platform is slow).
  • User and Roles (for the web and the whole project), like translators, editors, programmers, etc.
  • Make the platform itself open source (place it on Git Hub) and offer its modules to the community, also see if other web developers want to contribute.
  • Add a main Google Map with all events on the event page in parallel to the timeline (a preview can be found here)
  • Add a Video/Images Tab Switcher for the content types (films, galleries, etc.). 
  • Add several tabs for more text at the exhibition overview pages.
  • Social Media Integration (link our Facebook, Twitter, etc. pages with the platform)
  • Mobile phone / tablet version for the website (adapt the design)
  • Backend - make it more usable (easier, faster, new design)
  • Add a user voting system / classification of content (users can give feedback to uploaded modules, add a new category “approved content” and also offer filters to look for “good/approved” content.
  • Thik of how to add competitons to the platform (as carried out in the last years, like picture competitions).
  • Add more think -> background material (especially for schools) and see how to order it.
  • Add all existing IMAGINARY content (of all languages, like Chinese, Polish, Serbian, etc.).
  • Add more manuals on how to organize exhibitions or for a technical setup of the programs.

For the future development of this platform, we need creative ideas and people to implement them.

If you want to join our web development team, please send us a short info on you and your ideas and some references. For your information: the structure of the platform itself will be available under an open source license as soon as we have it more or less finished and documented.

Contact us by email ( or via the form below.

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