10MM Climate Crisis Mathematics / Mathematik der Klimakrise – Workshop


10MM Climate Crisis Mathematics / Mathematik der Klimakrise – Workshop



This workshop provides an overview of some key mathematical concepts used to model weather and climate. It can take place both online and on-site at events, schools, … all over the world. The workshop can be held in German or English (other languages on request).

This workshop was developed from our exhibit 10 Minute Museum: Climate Crisis Mathematics, which explains how mathematical models, interactive applications, and various media help us to understand climate change, predict climate change, and explore different aspects of the Earth’s climate evolution and history.


The following topics are addressed:

  • Introduction: Weather, climate, and mathematical models. With real-life examples from everyday life
  • Box models as tools to understand the basic mechanism of global warming
  • General Circulation Models (GCM) and grid models as 3D prints and their use for climate modeling
  • Navier Stokes equations, which describe the movement of liquids and gases and are fundamental to fluid mechanics
  • Tipping points and global collaboration (organizations, researchers)