IMAGINARY at CosmoCaixa Madrid and Barcelona


IMAGINARY at CosmoCaixa Madrid and Barcelona
Jan. 19, 2011 to Nov. 20, 2011

The museum’s opening hours apply.

CosmoCaixa Museum Madrid/Barcelona|Calle del Pintor Murillo, 5, 28100, Alcobendas|Isaac Newton 26,|Barcelona|Spain|ES

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The CosmoCaixa Museum in Madrid opened IMAGINARY in Spain on January 20th, on the same day the
Centennial of RSME was celebrated in the Auditorium of the University Complutense. On June 29th, after closing in Madrid on June 6th, IMAGINARY was inaugurated in the Cosmo Caixa Museum in Barcelona.

CosmoCaixa is a science museum with branches in Madrid and Barcelona. Both cities designed a temporary IMAGINARY exhibition focusing on algebraic geometry for the RSME-IMAGINARY tour in Spain. The exhibition hosts 12 images, sculptures, new explanation texts and also an interactive SURFER touch screen station plus a video wall showing the film DIMENSIONS. In Barcelona interactive MORENEMENTS was also available. CosmoCaixa Madrid was the first time RSME-IMAGINARY took place in Spain. Sonia Garcianuño from La Caixa was involved in both, and Maria Alberich from RSME in the Barcelona event. 

Director of CosmoCaixa Madrid, Alejandro Fernandez de las Peñas, and director of Cosmo Caixa, Enric Banda, opened the corresponding exhibitions in Madrid on January 20th and in Barcelona on June 29th, 2011. The Madrid exhibition was open until June 6th and the Barcelona one until november 20th. Inaugurating talks by Pilar Bayer in Madrid and Antonio Costa in Barcelona were attended by numerous visitors. 

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