Discover Mathina-Land in Mannheim and Tiflis


Discover Mathina-Land in Mannheim and Tiflis
May. 20, 2021 to May. 20, 2021


Hector-Seminar Mannheim|Josef-Braun-Ufer 15-16|Mannheim|68165|DE

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A fantasy land where magic and math are everywhere, waiting to be discovered. We test the interactive stories of our new Mathina project together with students from Mannheim and Tiflis.

Mathina is an interactive story with many chapters to introduce children and young people to mathematical ideas in a playful way. At the side of fictional characters they experience adventures, solve puzzles and play games - at the same time mathematical concepts are learned and applied intuitively:

  • Logi-City (logical and abstract reasoning)
  • Buccaneers’ island (cryptography)
  • Symmetry fair (symmetries) 
  • The land of the firebirds (spatial visualization)

In this one-hour workshop, we introduce selected chapters to test how students receive the material. We hope for feedback and suggestions for improvement before we publish Mathina.