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Virtual Ray Tracer has been developed in the Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics research group at the University of Groningen.


Virtual Ray Tracer is a Unity application that visualizes ray tracing. The application shows a scene with a camera, lights and objects. Rays slowly shoot from the camera and interact with the lights and objects in the scene. Users can change the settings of the ray tracer and material properties of the objects and see how this affects the rays traced in real-time. The application comes with a number of scenes that introduce the user to settings and controls as well as various ray tracing concepts.

A detailed description of Virtual Ray Tracer and its versions and features can be found on its GitHub pages, where it is openly available under the MIT license. The (simplified and with a Dutch localisation) version of Virtual Ray Tracer developed for the Imaginary event in Groningen in 2023 is available as a web application. A version for Android devices is available on Google Play.

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