IMAGINARY start-up


IMAGINARY start-up




The process of founding IMAGINARY non-profit LLC is supported by the Leibniz Association.

Thanks to our worldwide community and great content, IMAGINARY is more popular than ever! To help IMAGINARY grow and meet the increasing demand, we have decided to found our own non-profit organisation, supported by the Leibniz Association.

IMAGINARY is a mathematics outreach project by the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO) that aims to communicate modern mathematics to a broad audience. In the past eight years, IMAGINARY has organized over 150 exhibitions in 40 countries and established the leading web platform for mathematics communication and outreach. IMAGINARY exhibitions are designed by experts and feature modern images, 3D prints, and videos of mathematics as well as hands-on software exhibits. Each piece is accompanied by a short and comprehensible explanation. Due to an exceptionally high demand for new exhibitions and cooperations, IMAGINARY has felt the need to found its own non-profit organization.