Two AI workshops as a part of the Athens Science Festivals


Two AI workshops as a part of the Athens Science Festivals
27 Mar. 2021'den 27 Mar. 2021'e kadar

10 - 11.30 CET

Technopolis|Athens 118 54, Greece|Athens|GR


What is artificial intelligence (AI), and how does it work? It will be loads of fun exploring our interactive apps and games together!

The Athens Science Festival, the festival devoted to Science and Innovation since 2014, is an established cultural landmark in the field of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Art in Greece!

We will ask a neural network to recognize our handwritten numbers and line drawings during the workshops and find out how it is trained. On a treasure hunt, we will investigate different strategies to get to the treasure before everybody else. We will also use our keyboards to create music with the help of AI and plenty of other cool stuff. With the help of these examples, we will understand key concepts of AI and the mathematics involved.

These introductory courses will be held in German and English.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (A2, 13 - 17 years)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (A2+, 17 and older)


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