La La Lab – the Mathematics of Music at MAINS in Heidelberg


La La Lab – the Mathematics of Music at MAINS in Heidelberg
2019년 5월 17일 년월일 부터 2020년 12월 20일 년월일 까지

closed during September 2020

opening hours:

August 2020:
Saturday and Sunday: 1- 6 pm

October-December 2020:
Thursday and Friday: 3 - 6 pm
Weekends and Holidays: 1 - 6 pm

entrance is free

guided tours every Sunday at 3 pm

MAINS|Kurfürsten-Anlage 52|Heidelberg|69115|DE



Moreno Andreatta
Thomas Noll
Jürgen Richter-Gebert
Luisa Pereira
Manuela Donosa
Andreas Matt (Direction)
Kathrin Unterleitner (Project Management)
Daniel Ramos (Curation)
Bianca Violet (Content)
Christian Stussak (Software)
Eric Londaits (Software)
Sebastián Uribe (Software)
Malte Westphalen (Design)
Konrad Renner (Design)
Lukas Reck (Production)
Daniel Weiss (Production)
Tobias Hermann (Hardware)
Magdalena Hreczynska (Assistance)
Antonia Mey (Assistance)
Moreno Andreatta, Corentin Guichaoua, Philipp Legner
Ryan Cashman
Luisa Pereira, Manuela Donoso
Jürgen Richter-Gebert, Aaron Montag, Patrick Wilson, Konrad Heidler
Vítor Rolla, Pedro Arthur, José Ezequiel Soto Sánchez
Neil Sloane, Georg Fischer, William Cheswick, Charles Greathouse
Neil Thapen
Thomas Noll
Gerhard Widmer, Stephan Balke, Florian Henkel, Carlos Eduardo Cancino Chacón
Ricardo Dodds
Gilles Baroin
CNRS/IRCAM/Sorbonne University
USIAS (University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study)
IRMA/University of Strasbourg
Team der Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation
Technische Universität München
Springer Publishing House
The Looking Glass
Taylor & Francis Publishing House
Alba Málaga Sabogal, Yann Orlarey, Catinca Dumitrascu, Tero Parviainen
Google Magenta Team, Exploratorium San Francisco


“La La Lab – the Mathematics of Music” is a new exhibition about the fascinating relationship between mathematics and music to be unveiled at the MAINS (Mathematics and Informatics Station) in Heidelberg.

Presented by the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation.
Made possible by Klaus Tschira Stiftung

Conceived in collaboration with experts in current research of music and mathematics, La La Lab mixes a laboratory format with interactive exhibits to present you with the stunning connections between mathematics and music pushing the boundaries of musical creativity and mathematical knowledge. It features more than a dozen interactive exhibits with newly developed software, images, 3d prints, hands-on installations, projections and a special reading and listening area. The exhibition is also part of the German Science Year of Artificial Intelligence 2019 presenting several exhibits on AI and music.

 The exhibition pivots over three axis (mixed inside the Lab):

  • Music theory.
    Learning what tools build music, and how these tools are used to create art. Basic concepts and historical comments.

  • Current research.
    The latest trends of research in the connection of maths and music. Artificial Intelligence, theoretical and new instruments, classification and composition tools.

  • Art and entertainment.
    A joyful display of artworks from artists and mathematicians in the field. Talks/concerts at scheduled events.

The exhibition is created by IMAGINARY, with the scientific and artistic advisorship of Moreno Andreatta (IRCAM Paris, Univ. Strasbourg), Thomas Noll (ESMUC Barcelona), Luisa Pereira and Manuela Donosa (New York) and Jürgen Richter-Gebert (TU Munich); and with the generous contributions of more than 20 artists and scientists working in the field.

The exhibition is presented by the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation (HLFF), who created MAINS, a special event and exhibition venue dedicated to mathematics and informatics. The former showroom of the “Heidelberger Druckmaschinen” offers plenty of space to raise public awareness of the disciplines’ importance for society.

The exhibition was made possible by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung. It is supported by the Technical University of Munich.


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