¿Cómo participar?

You can:

  • organize an exhibition in France,
  • translate content (contact: Julien Cortier, paid work),
  • raise awareness for the project in your surroundings,
  • upload content to the platform.

The French section of IMAGINARY is launched! During the year 2015, there are going to be events and exhibition, and the entire website is going to be translated to French…

Main contact for the whole project is . Please feel free to write and ask any question.
  • The launching of the project took place in Versailles at the beginning of december 2014.
  • Translation:

Main contact: . The official launching of the french version at www. is scheduled for march 21, 2015. You can still contribute!

  • Exhibitions:

A first exhibition will take place in Marseille’s Vieux Port from march 20 to 22. In this amazing place all kind of people pass the whole day! Because of the location this first exhibition will present only printed images. Part of them will come from the french-speaking math community contributions to .

The exhibits on rigid support will be removed after the exhibition. So feel free to propose new ideas of exhibition during 2015.

  • Awareness:

This first Marseille exhibition will be held at the same time as the Forum des Mathématiques Vivantes. This Forum is an initiative to raise math awareness among all kind of public, on all level of educations and beyond. 

  • Increase of french community contribution:

It has already started! The people behind two beautiful exhibitions and a beautiful interactif website told us they are willing to share their whole exhibition and set of interactive modules with us here.

Recent exhibit from french community: