Future Mobility exhibition opening at Futurium in Berlin


Future Mobility exhibition opening at Futurium in Berlin
26 Nov. 2021 hasta 28 Nov. 2024
Daily 10am - 6pm (except Tuesday)
Futurium|Alexanderufer 2|Berlin|10117|DE

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As part of the new exhibition at the Futurium Lab, IMAGINARY has developed the exhibit FUTURE MOBILITY SIMULATOR.

There are many ideas for the mobility of the future, but some ideas create new problems. That is why scientists and urban planners use simulations to test their ideas before implementing them in the city. In the Futurium Lab, you can use the Future Mobility Simulator to try out how different ideas could change future cities. The interactive city simulation is based on models that are also used in real city planning.

In this sandbox-style exhibit, you create your own city layout with bricks (for houses, commercial zones, industrial areas, parks or water) and then analyze it with respect to mobility, pollution, noise, travel times. Furthermore, you can also add interventions (or combinations of interventions/policies) to your city, for example, make it a dense or walkable city, or add autonomous vehicles!




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