KI erklärt - AI explained - Workshops


KI erklärt - AI explained - Workshops



IMAGINARY cooperates with several Goethe-Institutes worldwide. The workshops will take place online and at the Pasch schools (with German language courses) all over the world. Students will learn about, experience and play with core concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
There is also a teacher training option available in German or English (other languages on request).

The AI workshops are based on our Science-Spaces-Workshops.

The material and formats developped for the AI workshops include analog games, experiments, discussion games, interactive software, thought experiments and analogies. 

Different modules are available:

  • Neural Numbers - Play, test and train a neural network

  • Build your own AI - with cups, pens and paper 

  • Gradient descent - Find the treasure on the floor of the ocean with and without using AI

  • Autonomous vehicles - How would you decide?

  • Sumory - A game with maximum taste and many restaurants

  • Carrot and stick - How a robot learns through rewards

  • Music and AI - Playful experiments with an AI, the computer keyboard becomes a piano

  • Perspective AI - A discussion game about possible technologies and their implication on society 



Previous and planned workshops: