Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality


Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality



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Imaginary goes virtual with tools and new exhibits to augment our current exhibitions.


is an international project to produce immersive live experiences in mathematical sciences using the latest mixed reality technology. It’s being developed by a consortium of companies and public institutions including the Institut Henri Poincaré, OneMore, HoloLight and IMAGINARY.

Call for exhibits

We’re looking for additional Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality exhibits. Read the Call and participate! 

Augmented Reality concepts using HoloLens in Mathematics Communication - IC16 Workshop


During the IMAGINARY Conference 2016 we did a workshop on creating mathematics communication tools using Microsoft HoloLens. The results can be seen in this video, and the source can be found on github

New content


Non-euclidean Virtual Reality, virtual simulations of three-dimensional non-euclidean spaces, by Andrea Hawksley, Vi Hart, Henry Segerman, Mike Stay and Sabetta Matsumoto.

Polygon, by Philipp Legner, an interactive mobile app that allows users to discover polygons and also see them in Augmented Reality.

GAUSSGAUSS (General Augmented User-Friendly Software Supplement) is a general augmented reality tool being developed by Imaginary, that will augmented exhibitions without the need for mayor modifications in either software or physical exhibits. Stay tuned for news!