AIMS-IMAGINARY at Africa STI Forum 2014


AIMS-IMAGINARY at Africa STI Forum 2014
13 Eki. 2014'den 16 Eki. 2014'e kadar
Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology|Rabat|MA


The African Development Bank and its partners will organise the second Ministerial Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in Africa. The forum will convene at the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology in Rabat, Morocco from 14-17 October 2014. AIMS-IMAGINARY is part of the forum with a special booth and also presentations about its agenda for open and collaborative mathematics communication in Africa.

Hosted by the Government of Morocco, and organised by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Government of Finland, this Forum will consist of a pre-forum (October 14), two technical conference days (October 15-16) and a Ministerial Forum (October 17). It aims at engaging African Ministers in charge of Higher Education, Science and Technology as well as Industry in a dialogue with the private sector, academia, diaspora, civil society and scientific communities globally on how to promote inclusive and green growth through scientific and technological innovation in Africa.

This forum follows the first ministerial conference on Science, Technology and Innovation, hosted by the Government of Kenya in 2012. Designed to raise the political awareness of Science and Technology in Africa, it aimed to promote youth employment, human capital development and inclusive growth. It gathered over 40 Ministers of Higher Education, Science and Technology and successfully put STI at the center of policy dialogue in Africa.

On the first day of the Forum, there will be a special panel on “Connecting Mathematics and Engineering skills development to Private Sector Needs”. Moderator: Minister of Industry Tanzania, Rapporteur: Sarah Rich. AIMS-IMAGINARY will be part of this panel.

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