The Future of Science: Innovative Financing Ideas for Science Projects


The Future of Science: Innovative Financing Ideas for Science Projects
6 Kas. 2022'den 8 Kas. 2022'e kadar

2:00 - 4:00 pm

Radialsystem|Holzmarktstraße 33|Berlin|10243|DE


IMAGINARY member Tobias Kösters takes part of this networking panel at Falling Walls Berlin to discuss the following questions: What does the future of Science and Innovation look like? How can we im- prove science funding and make it more efficient?

These and other questions are at the center of our networking event and workshop in the realm of the Falling Walls 2022 Science Summit. Rachel Kro- pa, Managing Director of the FootPrint Coalition, won the title Breakthrough of the Year 2022 in the Science and Innovation Management category, together with Robert Downey Jr. and will open the event and outline the importance of rapid science funding. Afterwards, we want to discuss funding themes and the importance of science funding and find different approaches to make funding more accessible and efficient.
In recent years, many new models such as crowdfunding, crowdfinancing and P2P lending have been established, but they still have little impact on science funding. Why is that? An anticipated outcome for this event is to better under- stand which innovative funding ideas we can use not only for Berlin based but also for international science projects. The aim is to get a broad spectrum of input from international science innovators and Berlin stakeholders.

• Rachel Kropa, Managing Director of Nonprofit and Science, FootPrint Coalition, Breakthrough of the Year 2022 in Science and Innovation Management
• Harald Pinger, Board of Directors,
• Matthias Hilpert, CEO, MH2 Capital
• Alexandra Negoescu, Scientific Program Manager, TU Wien
• Maren Borkert, Professor for Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Vice President Research, XU Exponential University of Applied
• Norbert Herrmann, Startup Affairs, Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises
• Joachim von Arnim, Managing Director, Cellbricks GmbH
• Jan-Willem Huda, Project Manager, Worldfactory Start-up-Center (WSC)
• Klaus Willi Giese, Chief Executive Officer, Pantherna Therapeutics GmbH
• Asmelash Teka Hadgu, Co-founder and CTO, Lesan
• Hannah-Sophie Braun, Investment Analyst, IBB Ventures
• Ulrike Linnig, Innovation Lead Germany, Climate-KIC
• Kate Robinson, Science & Innovation Officer, British Embassy Berlin
• Tobias Kösters, Senior Project Manager, IMAGINARY GmbH


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