AI Festival at DHMD in Dresden


AI Festival at DHMD in Dresden
13 Kas. 2021'den 14 Kas. 2021'e kadar
Deutsches Hygiene-Museum|Lingnerplatz 1|Dresden|01069|DE


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The festival "Wenn Maschinen Zukunft träumen. Festival über das Leben mit künstlicher Intelligenz" is jointly organized by Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden and the Goethe Institut. It marks the closure of the project „Generation A=Algorithmus. Nachdenken über Künstliche Intelligenz“.

Visit our booth at the Festival “Wenn Maschinen Zukunft träumen. Festival über das Leben mit künstlicher Intelligenz” at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Dresden, Germany.

IMAGINARY will host several small experiment booths for visitors of the festival. You will be able to build your own AI with paper cups, train it by playing with it and have it compete with others. On a different booth you can play a card game about AI and the future. 

The Deutsches Hygiene Museum (DHMD) is an open forum for discussion, open to everyone who is interested in the cultural, social and scientific revolutions taking place in our society at the beginning of the 21st century.

The exhibition ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Machine Learning Human Dreams will be open to visit 06. Nov 2021 - 28. Aug 2022.
On 800 m² of exhibition space, cultural-historical exhibits, scientific objects and contributions as well as audiovisual media will offer all sorts of insights into the current state of AI development, but also how we approach AI. What’s more, the perspectives afforded by the works of international contemporary artists will provide just as many opportunities to reflect on the influence this technology has on our lives. The exhibition will not only look at the dreams of the past and the possibilities and impossibilities of our present, but also consider the question of how we intend to use Artificial Intelligence for our own ends in the future.


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