10MM @ Climathics Workshop


10MM @ Climathics Workshop
2022년 11월 28일 년월일 부터 2022년 12월 4일 년월일 까지
SwissMAP Research Station|Hôtel les Sources|Le Vernex 9|Les Diablerets|1865|CH



IMAGINARY presents the “10 Minute Museum. Climate Crisis and Mathematics” at the interdisciplinary Climathics workshop

The 10 Minute Museum (10MM) aims to explain what climate models are, how they are built, and what they can tell us. 10MM also covers mathematical models that explain or predict climate change effects on plant and animal life and human activities. Finally, the installation provides resources to dive deeper into the subject and ideas on how to take action from the political to the individual level.

The 10MM is presented at the Climathics workshop that brings together mathematicians and scientists from different disciplines to think collectively about what can be done about climate change. There are five overarching topics of the workshop: sustainable economics, technologies, ecology, climate studies and education.

The workshop helps to create a network that generates synergies to make the scientific findings and their applications widely visible.


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