I AM A.I. at the German Digitaltag 2020


I AM A.I. at the German Digitaltag 2020
2020년 6월 19일 년월일 부터 2020년 6월 19일 년월일 까지
DFA Digital für alle GmbH|Albrechtstr. 10|Berlin|10117|DE


The “I AM A. I. Digital Exhibition” is part of the German Digitaltag 2020. The Digitaltag is a german-wide initiative to collect and discuss digital formats in work, culture, science and economy.

“I AM A. I.” at the German Digitaltag 2020

The German Digitaltag takes place on June 19 2020 to discuss aspects of the digital society. Its aim is to show the general public how the digitalization is changing different aspects of our life. I AM A. I. will be one of many initiatives that will show-case the potential of digital formats.

Find more in german on this page: https://digitaltag.eu/aktion/digitale-wissenschaftsausstellung-i-ai-kuen…

It takes place as a purely digital event.

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