(postponed!) I AM A.I. Sunday Matinee and official opening in Heidelberg


(postponed!) I AM A.I. Sunday Matinee and official opening in Heidelberg
15 Mayo. 2022 hasta 15 Mayo. 2022
MAINS|Kurfürsten-Anlage 52|Heidelberg|69115|DE

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The new date will be published soon.

We will celebrate the official opening of the exhibition at MAINS together with the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation.

A. I. or Artificial Intelligence – a technology that increasingly finds its way into our everyday lives. On one hand, it can make life easier in certain areas and complement human abilities, but A. I. can also cross boundaries. “I AM A. I. – Artificial Intelligence Explained” addresses questions surrounding A. I. and the novel traveling exhibition opened to the public for the first time ever in the MAINS.

  • Can an A. I. solve problems without understanding them?
  • Does an A. I. learn from its mistakes?
  • Can an A. I. decipher and read handwriting?
  • Can an A. I. replace musicians in a band?

A wide array of interactive exhibits enable visitors to look at Artificial Intelligence from different angles and learn more about both its possibilities and limitations. Exciting experiments, videos and images show the mathematical methods behind the technology that vividly convey how A. I. works and where it is applied. “I AM A. I.” is ideal for all curious people aged 10 and older.

On the I AM A. I. homepage, there is an interactive virtual tour plus a selection of exhibits to explore.



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