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Mar. 23, 2014

Pi-Day is celebrated on March the 14th, by mathematics enthusiasts each year. In Tanzania, the day is celebrated as a national event by students, teachers and policy-makers. The Pi-Day celebration in Tanzania was first held in 2004 through the initiative of Mr. Beniel Seka under the auspices of…Read more

Jun. 9, 2013

I finished reading the book now, and will try to give a short resumee. In all of my former blog entries, I did not speak much about the actual story of the book, so I’ll start with an overview of what happens. Cedric Villani is a scientist at the ENS in Lyon…Read more

May. 28, 2013

Another article about the book, with many direct quotations from the German translation (found by Andreas): 

http://www. more

May. 23, 2013

In an interview with Villani in Le Monde, I found the following concerning the bunch of formulas in the book:

“La mathématique, c’est comme tout : cela peut se raconter à n’importe quel degré de complexité. D’ailleurs, l’une des raisons de mentionner dans mon…Read more

May. 19, 2013

My father sent me the original article in the FAS, and I rechecked what I wrote about it before. The original citation concerning Perelman is

”[…] ich bin weit von Perelmans Niveau entfernt, und nehme an, ohne mich zu zieren.”

(“I am far…Read more